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A budget, your wish list, the time you have in front of you ... automatically Visitmoov organizes a unique discovery experience that adapts to your pace. More than a list of attractions, Visitmoov advises you on places, activities and guides you step by step for a tailor-made discovery of your destination.
Welcome, your virtual travel agent, Visitmoov.

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Magic Tour

Duration of your trip, your interests, your budget, opening hours, Visitmoov offers a tailor-made experience and no surprises.

Real time guidance

Transport ... you have 6 hours in front of you and what is worse than wasting time traveling. Visitmoov selects for you the best route.

Offline mode

A trip abroad and you want to preserve your connection?Prepare and save your trip to enjoy your visit without a connection.

Share your travel

Plan your trip to many by building a tour that fits everyone's desires. No more surprises!

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But also with Visitmoov


Rediscover your city

Do you really know your city?
Visitmoov guides you according to your mood and your desires to rediscover your daily environment and events near you.


Extend your business trip

Traveling for work and want to see something other than the walls of an office? Called "bleisure" (business / leisure) this trend, which is more and more popular with business travelers, allows you to grant business and discovery.


What are we doing this weekend?

Desires but no ideas? Visitmoov offers different formats of ideas for discovery: the top 10 activities, your city in 3 hours, thematic discovery ... You just have to follow the guide

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Visitmoov, travel agent in your pocket

Visitmoov, a travel agent in your pocket

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